Frank de Jonge

Frank de Jonge

Developer from Amsterdam

by the alias of FrenkyNet,
I’m also a drummer.

Frank as a Service

I’m a team-player with a passion for open source.

Being active in the developer community is an important part of my day to day life. It helps me to progress and learn from todays top programmers. In addition to that, it allows me to give some of the knowledge I’ve gained along the way back to the community.

Giving back.

I give back to the community by giving talks at meetups and help people out in IRC or by releasing packages other people might benefit from.

Need a developer? Let’s work together.

As a freelance developer I’ve worked with teams in various disciplines and markets. Building products and simplifying complexity is what gets me up in the morning.

My bread and butter.

In my day to day life I use PHP to get where I need to go. Although, when the situation calls for it, I'll be more than happy to switch over to Javascript or Python to get the job done. Learning new languages is a challenge I'm always up for and willing to invest in.

Are you in need of a team player or a solo dev artist? Let’s talk.

Things that make me proud.


Flysystem is a filesystem abstraction. Whether you're working with local files or files stored in cloud services, you're up and running in no time. The package offers adapters for a good (and growing) number of filesystems:

  • Local
  • Amazon S3
  • Dropbox
  • FTP and SFTP
  • WebDAV

Not long after the initial release, the package gained lots of traction. Hitting #1 most trending PHP repository on GitHub a number of times.


While dabbling in the world of MongoDB I found myself wanting a nicer way to build queries for talking to my databases. Because at the time, MongoDB was still quite young, I took the time to get myself familiar with all of the new concepts. What better way than to create an easy to use, flexible and fluent API for it?

The result was Monga, a simple and swift abstraction for MongoDB. It's been used and put into production by developers getting started with or very familiar with MongoDB itself.

Are you in need of a team player or a solo dev artist? Let’s talk.